Short the bull market

Pesto is a minimalist, on-chain DeFi protocol that lets you short and long any token by tapping into existing liquidity.

Optimized for lower risk

Unlike other protocols that encourage 50x leverage, Pesto offers better liquidation protections at lower leverage.

Lower fees

Pesto features 25% lower gas fees than GMX, and it leverages Aave borrowing rates, which are significantly lower than perpetual funding rates.

Requires less collateral

Spread shorts allow you to simultaneously long and short a pair of assets in the same position with half the capital required for the same exposure on other protocols.

New position primitive

Go long, short, or both

By leveraging liquidity from existing protocols, like Aave and Uniswap, Pesto lets you short on-chain without perpetuals.

Pesto Finance: Stable short position
Pesto Finance: Isolate your positions

Simple risk management

Isolate your positions

Independent positions ensure risk is isolated and accounting is simpler, so you can sleep better at night.

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